Our funds

Debt/Mortgage Funds

AIFM Group has been working with the one of first Swedish mortgage funds since its inception. We have extensive experience working behind-the-scenes of launching and running a mortgage fund. Since then, we have launched and worked with similar funds lending to for example housing cooperatives and property developers. AIFM Group expects this market to grow exponentially the coming years.

Private Equity Funds

AIFM Group has several partners in Private Equity that operate in multiple investment areas. AIFM both manages PE funds under its own authorization and provides risk management and administrative services externally to its clients. We have particular expeirence in the Nordic lower-middle PE market, and in the biotech/medtech sector.

Infrastructure Funds

Investments in infrastructure are usually done with a long holding period in mind. As these funds usually have a very long life time, having a reliable partner and cutting the right costs is key to enable great returns. With AIFM Group’s experience of different asset classes and characteristics, we can help streamline operations while remaining compliant.

Real Estate Funds

Over time, real estate has proven to be a great investment and a given part of most investors portfolio. AIFM Group has great experience of risk managing real estate funds and providing administrative services to funds investing in properties.

UCITS/Mutual Funds

Investors are demanding greater transparency from UCITS fund managers. AIFM Group provides sophisticated and transparent investor reporting alongside the full range of back and middle office functions. AIFM managers several European UCITS funds that vary greatly in size and scope.

Special Funds

Swedish special funds are similar to regular mutual funds in such areas as the depositing of fund assets and supervision, but can vary significantly in terms of investment strategy as they can seek exemption from certain UCITS rules. AIFM Group has 10+ years of experience structuring Swedish special funds and working to get them approved by the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority.