About us

AIFM Group (“AIFM”) is Europe’s leading independent manager and operator of alternative investment funds (AIF-). With approximately €3.2 billion under current management, AIFM specializes in building strategic, tailor-made fund management solutions for private equity, debt, real estate, infrastructure, special- and UCITS-funds.

The group offers a fully compliant, comprehensive infrastructure for external AIF- and UCITS-funds with it’s Fund Hotel, and also provides risk management, compliance, valutaion, financial reporting and fund administration services in addition to managing several funds. AIFM is proficient with numerous asset classes and have been involved in the development of nearly every new investment product that has reached the European fund market in the last decade.

AIFM is based in Sweden and is an authorized AIF Manager under the supervision of the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority. This authorization allows AIFM to manage European AIF-funds and UCITS-funds as well as discretionary portfolios for both professional and non-professional investors.

AIFM is an independent fund management company and cooperates with all parties involved in the management of funds such as depositories, issuers, distributors, marketplaces, legal advisers and securities centers.