AIFM Capital AB, a wholly owned subsidary of AIFM Group AB, manages securities/UCITS funds under the permission of the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority (Finansinspektionen), in accordance with Chapter 1. Section 3 of the Securities Funds Act (2004: 46) and Finansinspektionen’s regulations (2013: 9). AIFM Capital AB operates in accordance with the Act (2013: 561) on Managers of Alternative Investment Funds and the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority’s Regulations (FFFS 2013: 10) on the Managers of Alternative Investment Funds. AIFM Capital AB retains the discretionary management as a side service and uses AIFM Capital AB’s own funds as instruments in the discretionary management. AIFM Capital AB is authorized to, in accordance with Act (2013: 561), Chapter 3. 2 § 3 pt., receive and forward orders in respect of financial instruments. The financial instruments that AIFM Capital AB conveys consist mainly of investments in securities funds, exchange traded funds, special funds, shares, interest-bearing instruments and similar products. Mediation can also be up-to-date with other financial instruments insofar as a customer wants to make direct investments. The brokerage operations are conducted exclusively on the customer’s initiative, where the customer independently makes decisions about the investments he wishes to make. AIFM Capital AB receives the order from the customer and forwards it to the custodian bank that executes the order.

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