Fund services

To ensure strategic fund management operations, we cooperate closely with clients and tailor our solutions to accommodate specific business interests and preferences. Depending on the decided fund structure, we can provide a number of functions in the value chain.

These services include, but are not limited to:


The Compliance Function is responsible for the monitoring and evaluating the adequacy and effectiveness of the measures, internal rules and procedures put in place to detect the risk of failure to comply with applicable rules, laws and regulations. All of the employees of AIFM Group are expected to adhere to our compliance standards – by conducting themselves honestly, responsibly and ethically. The Compliance Function provides regular updates of regulatory matters to the board of directors and management to enable the entire organization to comply with both internal and external rules.


Risk Management

The Risk Management Function develops comprehensive processes to monitor, assess, and manage the risk of expected and unexpected events that may have an adverse impact on the firm, the fund or its investors. The Risk Management Function implements effective policies and procedures in order to identify, measure, manage and monitor on an ongoing basis all relevant risks based on fund profile, investment strategy and asset type.


Financial Reporting

The Financial Reporting Function enables accurate and timely reporting of financial statements and data for executives and stakeholders. Our Financial Reporting Function provides excellent service by making sure that both investors and other stakeholders of the firm or funds have access to reliable data when needed. The function also provides reporting to the Financial Supervisory Authority, the Tax Authority and other governing bodies.



The Valuation Function ensures a sound, transparent, comprehensive and appropriately documented valuation process. Regardless of the characteristics of the asset, whether it is traded on a regulated market or a non-listed asset, the Valuation Function makes sure that all assets held by the funds are fairly and appropriately valued.


Fund Administration

The Fund Administration Function protects the interests of investors, managing daily communication between the broker, custodian, bank, and portfolio manager. The Function provides a variety of services to our clients, including daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly net asset value calculations (NAV), settlement of daily subscription and redemption of securities, calculation and payment of dividends and distributions to the transfer agent.


Accounting & Corporate Services

The Accounting/Corporate Services Function handles tax declarations, VAT, and payroll-related issues, in addition to managing the administration of the business and/or fund’s accounting. The accounting function oversees the administration of control transactions and net asset valuations.