Our story

AIFM was originally established in Sweden in 2007 as a securities company with a focus on discretionary portfolio management. These early years were marked by a rapidly changing regulatory environment as a global financial crisis started to unfold. There was an imminent need to bring stability and transparency to the entire global financial ecosystem. AIFM was able to recognize this need early, and became interested in designing solutions for investment professionals who would be forced to undergo massive organizational change in order to remain compliant.

The European asset management industry began a shift in focus in order to address the dire concerns of investor security and protection, culminating in the European Union introducing the Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive (AIFMD) in 2011. This law pertains to the management of hedge funds, private equity, real estate funds, as well as all other alternative investment funds in EU member countries.

As the fund market evolved with the implementation of the AIFMD, the group grew to become a leading player in the management of funds and the number of funds under management is growing every year. Many investment professionals turned to AIFM in order to save on the costly and time consuming processes of staying compliant with an ever-changing regulatory environment.

Sweden has proven to be a competitive location for AIFM to base its operations and is appreciated by its partners. Sweden is a global leader in innovation, known globally as a great place to do business with a highly skilled labor force, an openness to international trade, and a stable economic and political outlook.

With a combination of entrepreneurial spirit and strategic management, AIFM continues to grow and maintain its position as the fund market’s leading operating company for AIF funds.