Mission and core values

To provide first-class service, we forge a comprehensive understanding of the client’s business.

Our mission is to innovate and streamline alternative investment fund operations for asset managers and investors.


  • AIFM was founded with an entrepreneurial focus and is what we consider the backbone of the group. Creative thinking is a fundamental part of our success.
  • AIFM’s core business is fund operations based on strategic management and methodical administration. We strive to offer innovative management solutions that produce exceptional results and therefore do not settle for average problem-solving.

  • AIFM prioritizes the monitoring of risk and has broad expertise in risk management. We work hard to offer the best risk control function on the market.
  • AIFM manages a wide range of unlisted asset classes that require extensive experience in handling. We are perceptive and maintain a comprehensive knowledge of financial accounting/reporting models, methods and asset valuation techniques.